A 1000$ day for life won by a man thanks to a penny.

The luck of a penny.

Surprisingly, David Jordan was walking around the streets and found up a penny. This is a symbol that you are going to be lucky.

So because of that reason, the man bought a Lucky for life ticket from the Kentucky lottery the same day he found the penny. Incredibly, he won the highest top prize of 1000$ for life.

Winning this prize give you two options, 20 years guaranteed with annual payments or a single payment. The man chosen the last one and received after taxes the amount of 5.750.000$.

Don’t you think this is incredible? This is a very lucky man.

David Jordan



A man lost his ticket and after recovered it and won 4 million dollars.

Finding things really is incredible.

In April, Eric Lopez bought a $4 million spectacular riches instant ticket at Centro Market in Falls Church and put it in his car with an amount of papers. Because of that, he forgot about the existence of that ticket.

Surprisingly, a few months later he found the instant ticket and checked it. He has won the top prize, valued in 4$ million dollars. He was so many excited than he lost his sleep and get it as a lack.

But after he has seen his money in his account he recovered his good sleep and now is thinking to pay his mortgage and paying his daughter studies. He finally received 2.571.357 million dollars.

Stories are incredible, really?

Eric Lopez

A man from New Zealand collapsed when he known he was the winner of the lottery ticket he bought.

A case of an extreme euphoria.

How many times have you dreamt with becoming the next lottery winner? Maybe so many times, but when you really know that you have become the next lottery winner, so many reactions can be possible.

In the case of Lou Te Keeti he collapsed when while checking his account noticed so many zeroes in it. He was the next lottery winner and he won’t be able to restrain himself of collapsing because of the notice.

The euphoria can be incredible, really?

Lou te keeti and family

The Canadian Lottery Chase the Ace Draw has been temporarily postponed.

An invetigation through wednesday Chase the Ace Draw from Canadian Lottery.

The alarm has been done, because of Chase the Ace Draw maybe is duplicating their tickets so Canadian regulators have taken actions for making front to this situation.

They are investigating this fact so the measure has been to temporarily postpone the sales of this lottery.

As a fact of this situation, those people who were be able to win a prize must keep their tickets but while the investigation is not resolved yet, they are not able to get its possible prize, so they have to wait until the integrity of the draw is ensured as safety.

Can lottery be really this kind of fraud?

Chase the ace draw


The incredible story of the man who hung up the telephone while receiving the notice that he was the winner of the lottery.

Do not hang up the telephone without a reason.

A man who was being notified about he was de winner of the Oz lottery hung up the telephone to the lotto officials of the mass media.

It is incredible how many reactions can be able to have some people in relation to receive lottery news.

By the fact is that there are so many times that people receive joke phones so it is natural to hang up the phone because of that reason. But instead of waiting a moment, sometimes the reactions are really bad and because of that, this man hung up the telephone to the lotto officials.

The lotto officials do were astonished but when the man noticed that he was the winner immediately he went to a lottery administration and claimed his prize.

He won 16.6 million dollar!

Do you believe it?

lottery balls

A marriage almost deletes a mail informing them that they were the winners of the lottery.

Open you mail everytime, please.

William Mullarkey and his wife Catherinette bought a euromillions ticket and they won a hefty prize, but they almost lost the opportunity of gaining the prize because they almost delete the email notifying them that they were the winners of that prize.

Fortunately, his daughter convinced them to open the email and after that were when they known that they were the winners. They won 1 million pounds and they couldn’t believe it, buy in fact they won that prize.

Isn’t it incredible? Spam can be really dangerous.

William Winner

Doing favors can make you win the lottery.

Favors can be your highest ally.

This is the story of Kevin Campbell a plasterer worker who in a day work went to a Village Store to get a bottle of water for a workmate.

But when he was in the store, he decided to buy a 2 pounds Purple Limited Edition instant ticket and scratched it in his car before returning to his job. Incredibly, when he scratched it, he was stunned because he won 250.000 pounds of that ticket.

This man is a very lucky one, but the fact is that if you do favors, you may have this luck because of being a kind person, so follow the example of this man and if a mate requests you a favor, do it and buy lottery. You may be the next winner of the next lottery raffle.

What would you do with that amount of money?


Kevin Campbell