Lottery error occurred and a second super draw is going to be celebrated.

What do you think about this mistake?

The New Year’s Day Super Draw of the CT Lottery had an error when 100.000 numbers were excluded from the draw. For doing things right, the CT Lottery decided to do another Super Draw.

They made an advice to those who had a ticket for keeping it and be aware of the new draw for having the opportunity of claiming the prize.

The people who discarded the ticket will be investigated for giving them again their bets for the lottery to be right with everyone.

The prize money for the second draw will be taken from unclaimed winnings.

Do you think this action taken by the lottery is right?

CT Lottery ticket


A water plant operator man does not retire when his wife won the lottery.

Jobs sometimes are so professional.John Dixon’s wife won 3.3 million dollars on a scratch off ticket after taxes.

John Dixon’s wife won 3.3 million dollars on a scratch off ticket after taxes.

She proposed his husband to retire of his job, but he decided not to do that because of his job was very difficult to take replacement soon and he was doing an experiment, so he won’t be able to retire immediately.

Even his wife still works but only three hours and they have bought a new Mercedes and are investing in whatever they want.

What would you do with so much money?

Rita Dixon lottery winner



A woman who mentioned in her speech about how nice it would be to win the lottery, become the winner of it.

The power of making speeches.

Amanda Dietz made a speech about paying off student debt and she talked about how nice it could be to win the lottery for paying those debts, she become that night the winner of the Michigan Lottery in the Multi-Prize Bingo lottery.

She bought a single ticket and won 300.000$ and now she has payed her debts and is planning to go on a cruise.

But the really curious fact is that at first time she thought that only has won 100$ but after checking again in other place the ticket, the jackpot was 300.000$.

Do you want to make a speech as the one of this woman?

Amanda Dietz

A man who buys three lottery tickets a day wins 1 million dollars at an instant ticket.

Four instead three.

Joseph Corsello is a man who has already revealed his secret for winning the lottery. The fact is that in his diary routine buys three scratch lottery tickets.

This is what he called being a persistence person.

But the day he has won the million dollars instead of buying three tickets he bought four and on the fourth one he won the jackpot.

He has won the jackpot at the Super Tripler Cash scratcher lottery and now is on holidays but doesn’t want to retire yet.

Nobody knows why he bought four tickets instead of three but he won; incredible, really?


A man who has won the biggest jackpot given in CNY declares that he is going to buy a plane.

Which is your biggest dream?

Wayne Harris is an electrical engineer that has won a huge jackpot from the Mega Millions draw because of Harris matched all the numbers and the Mega Ball.

He won 105 million dollars and after taxes and after choosing single sum lump payment he received 43.980.380$ and became incredibly rich.

Now he wants to buy a plane and take flying lessons for knowing how to use it. After all he wants to continue playing lottery because you don’t know when lucky is coming to visit you again, but he is going to quit from his job.

Do you also want a plane?


500.000€ was given to a man with financial problems from the Euromillions raffle.

Don’t forget that lucky is all over the world.

A man who hopelessly wanted to win the lottery to solve his financial problems was reached by the luck and won 500.000€ from the Euromillions raffle.

Miraculously he is now able to maintain himself from the debts and is keeping anonymous because he doesn’t want to other people know who is he because of his big debts.

The man bought the lucky ticket at O’Reilly’s Maxol Service Station in Watercourse Road, Blackpool.   Now he can pay for his children education and get a better way of life making true all his dreams and his wife ones.

Life can be really curious, don’t you think it?


906.649$ ticket were kept in a man’s pocket for months.

When a dream becomes your reality.

A man who didn’t go to check for his lottery tickets was walking around the streets with almost a million dollars in his pocket of a lottery ticket from Mega Millions.

This was the case of Eliseo Gutiérrez who forgot his lottery ticket in his pocket and for months later from the raffle he found it and decided to check it.

Surprisingly he was the winner of 906.649$ because he matched five of the six numbers of the draw.

He also talked about everyone dreams with winning a big jackpot, but the only difference with the other dreamers is that his dream has become true.

What if he trashed the ticket? I can’t imagine it!